11 Enjoyable Family Activities At Home That Survive You From Boredome of Covid-19 Isolation

Nowadays we all trying to compete with depresssion of being at home for 24-hours and leaned to be stucked in electronics, so we might neglect our kids.

Choose your side; whether you can feel the sadness of not being able to go out or you can turn your home into an enjoyable place by these activities and keep your family happy and safe.

1. Create Your Own Taboo Game: Playing taboo is fun but creating your own taboo is not only fun but also educational and brain-storming. First decide the main words (considering your kids’ wordrobe). Than decide the forbidden words that define the main words. Cut and prepare the cards (better to use cardboard instead of paper). Write main words on top of the cards and the related forbidden words below in order. Divide family members into two groups, now you are ready to turn your brainpower into fun.

2. Making Slime: Playing with slime is one of the most amazing things for kids. Making and playing with it will be an enjoyable activity also for you, especially when you see your kids so happy. Here are the materials:
a. 1 teaspoon borax
b. 1.5 cups warm water
c. 1 4 oz. bottle of white glue
d. 8 drops food coloring and tinsel (optional)

Fill a cup (choose a disposable one) with 1 cup of water and add one tablespoon of Borax powder and mix well. Take another cup and add approximately 1 inch of glue. Add 3 tablespoons of water to the glue and stir. Add and mix food coloring and tinsel to the glue if you want. Combine your Borax solution and your glue mixture and mix well. Your slime will be ready for fun in a few minutes.

3. Cooking Cookies: Find an appropriate description (cookies shouldn’t rise too much). Prepare your dough. Let your kids cut the dough with the molds they prefer. They can also use suitable toys, shapes, caps etc. Than they can adorn their cookies with chocolate drops, candies, bonbons. Making cookies look like flowers or animals or funny faces will be enjoyable and also improve their artistic skills.

4. Playing Box Games: There too many  options from classical games like ludo or monopoly to reversi, snippets, hoopla etc. You can choose suitable ones according to ages of your kids and number of your family members. Organize tournaments, feel the excitement of competition and congrats the champion of the day.

5. Playing Charades: Might be a classic but it is still one of the best options of having fascinating time together. You can expand frame of the game by tring to tell cartoons, animations, computer games, books etc.

6. Doing Excercises: Since we are all inactive in home, the most important activity is doing excercises to keep our breath, blood circulation, power of muscles and physhology in balance. There are so many sources on web, you can choose training videos suitable with your level. Doing excercises all together with your family in company with an encouraging music will definitely provide you healthy and happy moments.

7. Reading Time: Best way of calming your mind and improve yourself is reading. Defining a specific hour to read together, and at the end bouncing ideas of each other will be an interactive way of improving communication and learning from each other.

8. Making A Family Album: Since you will have so many free time, it is time to seperate and choose thousands of photos you took before. Choosing your favourites and preparing an album with your family members, will refresh your good memories, power your family bonds and provide you a nice material that will keep these memories alive.

9. Get Gardening: Earth; source of inner-peace. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is the best way of an healthy life. Also it will provide you Covid-19-free feeding. The easiest and most rewarding plants are culinary herbs or leafy salads. They are great for cooking and garnishing. For good success from seed, try parsley, chives, rosemary and arugula.

10. Blow Bubbles: Easy to prepare, fun to play. All you need is water and soup. If there are small kids, you should definitely try this, we guarantee that there will be lots of laughs and giggles.

11. Making Models With Cardboard Boxes: You can use shoe boxes, furniture boxes, electronics boxes or get large cardboard boxes from a local store. Cardboard boxes are easy to cut and paste. You are ready to construct whatever you want; it can be a house, a car, a plane, a farm or a minicity. The only limit is your imagination. You can spend hours decorating the models you make and play with them day after day.


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