Your children will learn while having fun with Novakid!

Everyone knows that learning a new language as a child is easy. But there is never a consensus on how to learn. Some families advocate computer games, some advocate books, and some advocate classical education. Although the effectiveness of these teaching methods varies from person to person, each is experienced and verified. It is up to the parents to decide which one to choose. Novakid put an end to these conflicts and developed an excellent system for learning languages.

Private Lessons for Kids

Unlike most language courses, Novakid is an online English course specially designed for children aged 4-12. Lessons are held with native speakers of English. Realizing that children are bored with classical education, Novakid develops its lessons based on games, allowing children to learn while having fun.


It is an undeniable fact that children are easily distracted. Although they are always active, children with structures that can get bored easily have a hard time listening to lessons. While other online English courses and private tutoring schools keep the training times too long, they cannot adjust the difference between the education given to children and the education given to adults. Novakid has achieved great success in its field, with its program that attracts children and its research-proven 25-minute lessons that do not disrupt the focus time.

Expressiveness of Language

Talking to native English speakers is the most effective way to get quick results. Compared to other applications, its effect gives very fast results and has many advantages. The Novakid team consists of people who are experienced in their field and have given training in the field of online education. All of our instructors are certified ESL experts. Novakid is an Online English Course with a program that will not only teach your children English, but also add general knowledge about other countries.

Dealing with Strangers

In other online English courses, since native Turkish teachers teach, children do not consider it necessary to speak English while learning, and for this reason, they can switch to Turkish when they have difficulties. Novakid has chosen each of its instructors to be native speakers. For this reason, your children can understand the music they listen to or the TV series and movies they watch without subtitles, and they have no difficulty in understanding their accents when they talk to a stranger.

From Basic to Expert

At the beginning of the program, we provide basic education according to the level of the children and increase the level as your children develop. In this way, children both make an effort and do not get bored because the training is easy. As the level progresses, your children’s vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation and speaking capacity increase. While we always control the training process, we constantly review and improve the training materials. Our materials, which we have made suitable for games, help your children focus on the lesson.

Distance Education and Savings

Parents save time and money with offline schooling. Unlike other online English courses, Novakid advocates that everyone has the right to learn English, and for this reason, they have determined the price of their education to suit everyone’s budget. They have absolute knowledge and control over their children’s education system. Children work in a comfortable home environment without worrying about illness.

Age appropriate program

This program has been created by experienced native speakers of English and is based on the educational and psychological characteristics of children aged 4 to 12. Unlike the serious education given to adults, Novakid prevents children from getting away from the lesson with its fun programs and makes their learning more effective.

European education standard

As an Online English Course, Novakid’s program complies with the European education standard based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), so your children speak English like their mother tongue when speaking to people abroad with the knowledge they learned in their education.


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