Samsung Announces It Will Remove Ads From Its Phones

The advertising period ends on Samsung smartphones.

This news was first reported by the South Korean news agency Yonhap. Later, Samsung confirmed this news in a statement to The Verge. According to the news of ArsTechnica, the official statement of the South Korean technology manufacturer on the subject was as follows:

“Samsung; Samsung Weather has decided to stop ads in its dedicated apps, including Samsung Pay and Samsung Theme. The corresponding update will be available later this year.”

Samsung’s own apps on its smartphones, such as Bixby, Samsung Health, and Samsung Weather, have large banner ads, some of which are located in the upper right where you’d normally expect the app logo or navigation information. Worse than that are the notification ads found in Samsung apps. These ads are just notifications sent by any Samsung app to prompt users to buy anything or install a new app.

Samsung hides its ads in many places that are not currently covered by this statement. However, the tech company said, “Stop showing ads.” He stated that he made this change in response to the feedback. Removing ads on the South Korean company’s phones could make the company’s software more appealing to users.

Google and Apple offer relatively complete software on their smartphones; On the other hand, Samsung’s software includes all Google applications and many stock applications. Which results in having two of almost everything on the phone. Two app stores, two browsers, two galleries… This causes the interface to become complicated and the user experience to be negatively affected.


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