10 Vacuums That Weaken Companies’ Cyber Security

Antivirus experts warn companies about the increasing number of cyber-attacks and their trends. Cases in 2019 show that new attacks, threatening IoT devices and personal data, will increase besides classical types of cyber-attacks. Technological improvements accompany new cyber threats. So, cyber security systems should also renew themselves. 

It is predicted that contribution of artificial intelligence in cyber security will increase, as the number of IoT devices increase. 5G technology will accompany threats, besides its benefits. Because it will cause a boom in the number of connected devices and sensors. Services will collect data about users, watch their routines, record how they live by 5G and this increasing personal data will whet hackers’ appetite. Also the number of malicious software directed mobile banking have been increasing. So the attacks directing mobile devices (especially marketing and banking) will increase in the process of time. Not to take precautions to protect data and process, leaves companies in difficult situation in the terms of both financial case and goodwill. So companies will have to invest in protecting personal data. Probably more cyber insurance contract will be bought by companies. In short, cyber security will become more important by the technology improves and the time pass.

As the number of cyber-attacks increase, companies need to increase their defense to protect their most valuable entity: data. To be able to close the vacuums that weakens companies’ cyber security, the companies need to know where the vacuums are and make provision. Here are 10 vacuums that weaken companies’ security and precautions that should have taken.

1. Nonpreparation

Companies should not be unprepared for cyber-attacks, because of increase of number and complication of cyber events in regions and world. Companies should test their defense before a violation becomes and be ready to response when it is necessary.

2. Existence of unknown threats

Companies should know potential threats to be prepared. Knowing enemies and existing wealth can help companies to have strong defense for the crises that can become in the future.

3. Existence of active threat hunting

Assailants can be infiltrated company’s web and waiting for the right occasion. Companies should make active threat hunting to prevent these attempts and attacks before they exist.

4. Lack of chase

Companies should be sure that they have the right solutions for chase to detect threats earlier. Abnormal actions in the web and terminal points should be realized from the very start to minimize defenselessness.

5. Risk of manipulation

Defense process involves personnel. So it should be kept in mind that it is defenseless for fraud and abuse. Working processes can be imperiled without suitable chase.

6. Lack of all-inclusive defense

In some companies, some of the personnel can work out also. This means that cyber security applications should cut across the office borders.


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