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23 April Children’s Day in Quarantine

In my country has most important events, celebrating day and festivals.We are celebrate official and religious holiday every year. As you know we are in April right now and it’s mean 23 April children’s day is coming. The whole name is 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, we will celebrate with great enthusiasm this year too.

23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

This day is highly special and important for our nation April 23 is the public holiday in Turkey as the GNAT was opened on the same day in 1920 with the help of Atatürk’s leader ship, the GNAT was opened within a start period. Atatürk dedicated this day to all children of the world to celebrate this day in every year by children with some joy and cheer.

However as you know every around the world is struggling with virus of Covid-19 most people in the world are in quarantine and most schools are closed. In my country has many precaution too. For example children under the age of 20 have a curfew. So all children are ask this question.

What can we celebrate this year?

We can’t any show, prade or something like that. Because we shouldn’t go out for precoutions. I think another alternative must be online. Because the children of this time are older in the internet will not be difficult for them .

23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

My suggestions for this day like that;

** Online art competition (“The state can organize it across the country”)

** Anyone can make a child’s corner at home (Can be decorated as kids love like candy,baloon,flag,chocolate etc.)

** All the children of the world can share their thoughts about this day. (With social media like Youtube,Facebook,Instagram,Tweeter etc.)

My last suggestion is a little crazy, on April, all children can go to the windows and balconies and laugh at the same time at a certain time.

I wish a happy “Children’s Day” to all children and I wish them to spend their lives with healthy, joy and cheer.

Happy 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day…


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