9 Household Items You Should Clean Every Day

How often do you wash these household items? You’ll realize how important it is to clean them every day, so try taking a few minutes to keep them clean.

Your habit of cleaning and tidying every corner of your home helps you maintain your health as well as keep your surroundings in harmony. In addition, there are 9 household items that you need to clean every day.

Although we do not always notice it with the naked eye, dust, bacteria and flying dust accumulate day by day. All of these can cause various allergies and diseases. That’s why it’s important to do a general cleaning often.

However, since many people do not know which items should be cleaned on a daily basis, we would like to specify 9 household items and talk about them in detail in today’s article.

1. Kitchen towels

Kitchen towels are one of the household items that need to be washed most often, as they are constantly exposed to food residues and bacteria. They may not always look dirty, but a large number of microorganisms can easily accumulate in their tissues.

2. Keys

A household item that we always forget to clean is also key. Keys are one of the most polluted items in our home. However, we rarely worry about disinfecting them.

Keys come into contact with our hands, pockets, and various surfaces that can contain viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is best to wash it daily with a bar of disinfectant soap or clean it with an antiseptic wipe to avoid health problems.

3. Sponge the dishes

Sponges are one of the dirtiest items in the kitchen, but ironically they are used for cleaning. They accumulate food debris, dirt and water that help create a suitable environment for fungi and bacteria to grow. Using sponges without cleaning carries a risk for digestive and viral diseases.

4. Sinks

Some people think that the sink does not get dirty easily. Because when someone uses the sink, they wash their hands with antibacterial soap and the sink comes into contact with it.

However, this idea is completely wrong because bacteria and fungi can easily multiply on wet surfaces. Dead skin cells, dirt and other debris are an excellent food for these microorganisms.

5. Coffee machines

The walls of coffee machines create an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that can negatively affect our health. It is necessary to clean these machines daily and remove all traces of coffee by washing the parts separately.

6. Cutting boards

Since the cutting boards we use to cut food in the kitchen are exposed to food and moisture, it is quite easy for microorganisms to multiply on their surfaces. Fortunately, we can naturally disinfect them by taking advantage of the antibacterial properties of lemon or white vinegar.

7. Makeup Brushes

Make-up brushes and sponges should be washed every day as they come in contact with the skin and are used constantly. Dead cells and bacteria also accumulate on these brushes, although we often don’t realize it. They can then affect the health of our skin.

8. Toilets

For obvious reasons, our toilets are one of the most contaminated household items with bacteria and mold. The wet surface of toilets allows microorganisms to survive, especially if we do not clean them regularly.

Not only does this increase the risk of contracting an illness when we come into contact with the toilet, it almost always produces strong and unpleasant odors.

9. Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are surfaces that contain water, bacteria, and debris that can affect your health. The ideal is to wash the tiles with disinfectant products such as white vinegar or baking soda after taking a shower.

How often do you wash these household items? Now that you know how important it is to clean them every day, try taking a few minutes to keep them spotless.

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