How Should A Good Manager Be?

In simple terms, Management: is the process of planning, organizing, directing, coordination and supervision to achieve the goals of our workplace.

The organization that two people made with the aim of achieving the same common goal has revealed the need for management.

Contingency in Management

Contingency argues that each person and events can create and change their own management style. The best management style may vary according to people, environment and technology. It will vary from “best” case.

A Good Manager

In order to be a good manager, it is primarily through loving our work and it is important to always be people-oriented. We can list it with a few items;

– It should get to know its employees closely.

– It should be participative and educational.

-Should be responsible.

-Should tolerate mistakes and be democratic.

-Should be exemplary with their behavior and personality.

-Can make the right decision on time.

-He should be patient, determined and determined.

– It should encourage the team spirit.

-It should draw its strength from its Knowledge and Skills.

Management Functions

Planning: Planning is very important in terms of getting things off the ground and time management.

-Must do the Study Planning

– It should set a purpose and a goal.

– It should develop a plan and strategy in order to reach the targets.

-Determine the resource determination (campaign discount etc.)

Establishing an Organization (Team Building): Success ensures continuity by creating a team.

-Everyone should make a distribution of duties.

-Determine the rules and put them into operation.

-It should determine the hierarchy and put it in order.

– He / she should be able to train his staff.

Execution (Starting the Process): The most challenging and successful task of managers is to set the process on the road and to continue it.

– Should lead

-It should be in contact with and motivate employees.

-The operation should provide order by clearly stating the rules to be followed.

-Should receive feedback.

Control (Control): Control is always important.

-It should be able to constantly follow up and evaluate the situation for its goals and objectives.

– It should take regulatory measures regarding errors that may occur.

Human Relations: A good manager should be able to understand his employees, work with them, cooperate and get along well.

Technical Skills: Must have special equipment, understand and manage processes in order to make sales.

should guide its employees. It should provide assistance and support.

A manager who does not have technical skills, that is, does not know his job, falls out of favor with his employee and loses his authority.

The manager must be able to make quick decisions. The troubles experienced will only disappear in this way. Decision making is of great importance so that management functions (planning, organizing, organization and supervision) can take place and things get on track.


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