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These Routines of 21th Century Can Set You Back Being A Father

To have a baby, heathy and sufficient number of sperms and an ovum are needed. Investigtions reveal that the number of sperms men have has decreased 50% in the last 50 years. This high ratio stirs up specialists to  think and search about the underlying reasons of this situation. According to the researches, the routines of today’s men affect health of sperms negatively and risk having a baby. Here are these routines:

Mobile phones and computers

Radiofrequency, electromagnetic and radioactive waves that spreading from mobile phones and laptops are affecting formation of sperms negatively via damaging testis tissue. The claim that laptops cause infertility in men, grounds the thermal effect of laptops harms formation process of sperms during usage. There are publications state that heat can affect the number and mobility of the sperms temporarily. There is no scientific data that states it causes permanent infertility. Also these claims are theoretical, the legs should not be closed while using laptops, as it causes increase in scrotal heat, and you should stand up and walk half-hourly. Besides, daily usage of mobile phones shouldn’t exceed 60 minutes.

Overweight and love handles

Overweight and especially love handles increase the heat of testis and the amount of estrogen. Increase of body-mass index for men decreases the level of androgen. So both the number and quality of sperms decrease. Also amount of testosterone is 25-32% less for men who have obesity problems.


Regular exercise rises the level of testosterone, so increases the quality of sperms. Also fasten the movement of sperms. On the contrary, doing exercise more than regular, reduces natural reproduction capacity of men. Doing exercise is definitely recommended for men who want to increase quality of sperms. But over-exercise, especially medicines used for building muscles, decrease the amount of testosterone via changing hormonal balance of body, so affect sperm production negatively.

Deficiency of vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for both male and female reproduction cells’ health. Many studies show that vitamin D helps to regulate functions of testis. It also increases mobility of sperms by increasing cellular calcium concentration  in sperms. Deficiency of vitamin D can damage DNA. So business life that disable making use of sun, the natural resource of vitamin D is a risk factor for men.

Constant use of some medicines

Some medicines like blood pressure, ulcer, gastritis and antidepressant can reduce the number of sperms. Medicines can affect reproduction differently. Some of them can damage reproductive cells via creating toxic effects in testis, while some of them affect indirectly. They can interrupt signals of hormones that stimulate testis cells producing sperms, so causes decrease in the number of sperms produced. Or can effect pruriency negatively or block erection and exit of sperm out. Also some medicines reduce the ability to fertilize of sperms. If it is needed, the medicines can be replaced with alternatives by your doctor to remove these negative effects on reproduction.


As well as stress can be a reason for infertily, also infertility can cause stress. Stress causes decline in density, mobility and number of sperms and rise in production of abnormal sperms. Factors like loose of erection, performance decrease in intercourse and anxiety can prevent natural pregnancy.

Smoke and alcohol

The harmful materials like carbon monoxide in cigarette decrease the amount of oxygen reaches testis, so effects production of sperm negatively. Also metabolites like benzopyrene, cadmium and carbon monoxide can cause DNA fractures in sperms, so decreases number and quality. Longtime and excessive alcohol consumption harms the liver and disturb the balance of hormones, so both decreases the number of sperms and also causes abnormal sperm production.

Factors increasing heat

Temparature of testes are below body temperature (2-4 degrees), as they are situated out of the body. This provides ideal temperature for sperm production. But long-time sitting, driving, often use of sauna, wearing tight increases scrotal heat and damage production mechanism of sperms. So you shouldn’t stay in sauna or jacuzzi more than 30 minutes and give breaks while driving for every 3-4 hours.


The enlargement of vena in the testis is called “varicosele”. It affects production of sperms negatively via increasing scrotal heat and hormanal effects. In the testis which has varicosele (generally it is the left one), 3 damages form: increase of heat, deficiency of androgen and saving of toxic metabolites. The ratio of varicosele is 15% for general population, but it rises up to 40% for infertile men. 40-60% recruitment is expected after surgery.

Chemicals and heavy metals

Adhesive, dye remover, cleaner, oil solvent and solvers in dye, varnish, polish etc. are the factors that ruin production of sperms. The natural heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and chrome can also cause the same negative effect.


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