The Simple Way to Learn

Every single person in the world can speak at least one language.This is their native language. They can speak this language because their parents also can speak it, too. They learn a nature way. Have you ever seen a baby who reads a grammar book or studies vocabulary? I think you haven’t.

While learning a language the most important thing is listening. Listening all the time helps people to learn it. Their mothers makes a conversation with them. She asks some questions to babies even if they don’t answer.When babies reach to for 2 or 3 years old, they start to repeat some simple words for example : dad,mom,water,came,go etc. At first, their pronontuations are not good but than they can do it.

Secondly, when we were a child, we don’t have any information in our brains such an empty box and so it is easy to fill it. Every word that we put in the box becames a permanent information. There are a lot of blanks in our brain so you can put anything you want. It would be a sport skill or a language.

In conclusion, when we were a baby everything is easier parents generally teach their child more than one language at the sometimes when they little. They can’t recognize the situation while they larn. If you want to learn something you should start at the begin of life.


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