Spiritual Detox for Heart Health

Hearth problems are triggered by spiritual troubles like psychological breakdown or depression. Research shows that while the ratio of depression is between 5-10% in public, it rises up to 30% among cardiopaths, and also women are twice under threat, compared to men. This situation lays emphasis on the importance of mental health.

The main factor that triggers heart disorders, one of the first four death reasons among the world, is stress. The risk of heart disorder increases with the stressful city life, inaction, malnutrition and bleak winter or weather. Depression has become an often heard concept especially. It affects all of the age groups, but women are under risk twice more than men. Number of people using antidepressants has been increasing. When we are in stress, the main factor of depression, our body excrete materials called cortisol and adrenalin to help coping with current situation. These materials provide heart beating faster and raise blood pressure for a short period of time. But in long periods of stress, permanent problems like weight gain because of the changes in eating habit, and high blood pressure can emerge. These problems also cause decrease in fluidity of blood in hearth veins and lead up to heart attack and stroke via destroying the veins.

Be happy to protect your heart!

Deterioration of emotional case shows parallelism with hormonal change periods of women. So, there becomes an increase in heart diseases in the period of menopause. Even, there is a heart disease called ‘broken heart syndrome’ shows up after menopause, which arises from intensive stress, excitement or emotional problems and imitates heart attack. Research shows that stress and depression resemble high tension and obesity in causing heart disease.

People can fell upset, angry, worried or stressful at times. Spiritual detox can help people to be happy. It can be hard to express negative thoughts and feelings to yourself or to your doctor. But changes in your eating habits and sleeping, increase in consumption of cigarette and alcohol can be signals of it. After realizing the negative situation, it is necessary to retrace these feelings. You shouldn’t be shy of asking for help. Your doctor, your friends and your family would give you a back. Here are some advices for spiritual detox:

  • Spend more time in nature.
  • Prefer walking in a forest or on the seashore in fresh air, as an exercise.
  • Make point of being outside, especially at lunch breaks at job, to benefit from sunlight.
  • Clean the living spaces in your home or job, that you spend most time in.
  • Get rid of excessive ware.
  • Avoid social media for a while.
  • Feed naturally, avoid foods containing preservatives and chemicals.
  • Make point of choosing positive expressions for your speech.
  • Actually, the most effective way of feeling good is to do favor and help others, in a word work voluntarily in charity. 

Spend time together with people who evoke your positive feelings, who make you feel better and stand by you


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