Cosmetic Products That Are Not Tested On Animals

Animal experiments, which have recently come to the fore with the video of Ralph the rabbit, and have attracted a lot of reactions all over the world, unfortunately, continue to be actively used in the production of many cosmetic products. Many animals are exposed to many deadly chemicals during the production of make-up and cosmetic products and are seriously harmed. In this regard, many activists, animal lovers, and institutions around the world are actively protesting, holding various events, and attracting attention. As a result of these, some brands and companies produce cosmetics that are expressed as cruelty-free and made without animal experiments and tests. You can find some of these cosmetic products and groups, some of which have vegan labels, in this article.

You can look at the Cruelty-free logo

There are many companies in the world that produce cosmetic products and make-up materials. Many of them are tested on animals before being put on the market to see if the product they produce using old systems and methods has side effects, the effects of allergens, and their negative health consequences. Some brands have very sensitive and strict rules in this regard. These brands, which do not test or experiment on animals at any point in their production processes, carry logos and emblems that read Cruelty-Free. You can also choose these brands for the cosmetic products you use and protect animals.

There are animal-friendly testing methods

All cosmetic products are not tested on animals. But when experimenting or testing our animal friends, we also have to harm them every time. Today, there are brands that carry out this business with animal-friendly tests in various parts of the world. For example, tests done in a computer environments, material compatibility, tests on artificial leather produced in laboratories do not harm animals. With a little research you will do when purchasing cosmetic products, you can choose such products and support them in protecting them.

Brands are divided into 3 groups

Brands are evaluated in 3 main groups in terms of whether or not to perform animal tests during the production phase. These are the white group, the gray group, and the black group. If every ingredient in the product is vegan or if the brand does not test on animals, this product is in the white group. If the brand does not experiment on its own but is the supplier of the substance, the brand is in the gray group. Finally, if it is the black group, it consists of the brands that do not deny that they experiment on animals and that we use the most in our home.

Alternative methods are being developed

While animal rights defenders and activists continue to achieve effective results at many points with their work, different methods and animal-friendly test types are being developed with the developing technology. With many exchange systems such as different radiological imaging techniques, studies on populations, studies performed in clinics, micro-dose methods, and chips, cosmetic product tests on animals such as rabbits and mice are prevented. Many countries prevent animal testing with effective bans and laws on this issue.


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